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EH Woman: Dr. Shivani Tripathi

Dr. Shivani Tripathi Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Born and raised in Chicago, Shivani Tripathi, M.D., FAAD attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She completed her Dermatology residency at Washington University, then stayed on as faculty as an Assistant Professor of Dermatology for [...]

EH Woman: Dr. Shivani Tripathi2022-11-30T12:15:11-06:00

EH Woman: Sally Harrison

Sally Harrison Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis After attending the University of Kansas for visual communications, Sally Harrison worked for a number of advertising and design firms before starting Rosenfeld Harrison Design with friend Julie Rosenfeld. She and her husband Bob Harrison – Chairman of Daniel and Henry Risk Management – [...]

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EH Women: Mimi Murphy & Anne Murphy Hill

Mimi Murphy & Anne Murphy Hill Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Mimi Murphy was just one of 5 women at Washington University’s School of Law in 1971 and following her 30 year legal career, dedicated herself to helping pregnant women at Our Lady’s Inn, and volunteering at Siteman Cancer Center. She [...]

EH Women: Mimi Murphy & Anne Murphy Hill2022-11-30T12:17:02-06:00

EH Woman: Joan Schoor

Joan Schoor Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Joan Schoor has made a deep and lasting impact on St. Louis healthcare, supporting Children’s Discovery Institute at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, donating generously to the Maryville School of Nursing, and working for many years at the Washington University School of Medicine. All this [...]

EH Woman: Joan Schoor2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00

EH Woman: Jane Gleason

Jane Gleason Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Jane Piper Gleason has been at the center of historic preservation in St. Louis for more than 50 years, and hails from a great family of historians and philanthropists dating back to 1840. She is still a docent and past president of The Campbell [...]

EH Woman: Jane Gleason2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00

EH Woman: Elena Parker

Elena Parker Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena Parker came to St. Louis in 1992 after graduating from college with just a suitcase and $80 to her name. She didn’t drive, have a bank account or credit card, but came to St. Louis determined to succeed. [...]

EH Woman: Elena Parker2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00

EH Woman: Kelly Hummert

Kelly Hummert Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis Originally hailing from Illinois, this New York actress, director and producer lives in Clayton with her A-list producing husband and MD, Amit Dhawan. Ironically, Kelly Hummert always said she was an event planner so she didn’t have to explain her life as an actress, [...]

EH Woman: Kelly Hummert2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00

EH Woman: Allison Burgess

Allison Burgess Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis This lifelong St. Louisan went to Ladue High School, Washington University for undergraduate and graduate school and still lives on the same street she grew up on. But while she hasn’t moved far from home, Allison Burgess is undoubtedly ahead of her time. After [...]

EH Woman: Allison Burgess2022-11-30T12:19:45-06:00

EH Woman: Olga Martha Montiel

Olga Marth Montiel CELEBRATING THE EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN OF ST. LOUIS Originally from Nicaragua, Olga Martha received her Master’s degree in photography from McGill University and met her husband Dr. Warren Douglas Stevens in Nicaragua, where he was studying the flora of the country for the Missouri Botanical Garden. In addition to falling in [...]

EH Woman: Olga Martha Montiel2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00

EH Woman: Dr. Marcie Garland

Dr. Marcie Garland Celebrating The Extraordinary Women of St. Louis After attending the esteemed 6-year BA/MD program at the University of Missouri/KC and completing residency at Washington University's School of Medicine (WUSM), Dr. Marcie Garland joined the Department of Psychiatry at WUSM in 2012. A lifelong advocate for mental health awareness, Dr. Garland [...]

EH Woman: Dr. Marcie Garland2022-11-30T12:15:12-06:00


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