A Layered Approach

A popular trend in jewelry wearing right now is layering. Whether you gravitate towards the delicate and dainty or bold statement looks, this way of wearing seems to be embraced by all camps. So, how do you do it? How do you put together a layered look that feels cohesive but not like you went [...]

A Layered Approach2022-10-08T18:31:31-05:00

Kickoff to Summer Trend Stories

 We recently indulged ourselves in the creme de la creme of jewelry at The Couture Show. For those who aren't familiar, The Couture Show is the most exclusive event of the year for designers of high jewelry to present their most exquisite styles. We were delighted to see the latest by well-known names we carry in-store [...]

Kickoff to Summer Trend Stories2022-07-18T18:59:59-05:00

Game. Set. Match.

Tennis star, Chris Evert donning a tennis bracelet   In honor of Wimbledon next week, we've curated an assortment of swoon-worthy tennis bracelets to be sported on and off the court.   While the tennis bracelet has been around for a while, it wasn't coined as such until Chris Evert (former no 1 world tennis [...]

Game. Set. Match.2022-06-21T12:20:22-05:00

Kit Celebrates 50 Years with Elleard Heffern

We recently raised a glass to celebrate Kit's 50th anniversary with Elleard Heffern, his third, soon-to-be fourth, generation family business -- a legacy jeweler founded by his grandfather, Sam Heffern and George Neuhoff in 1913. As we reflect on Kit's time to-date with the company, we tip our hats to his many notable contributions which have elevated the business [...]

Kit Celebrates 50 Years with Elleard Heffern2022-06-13T14:36:38-05:00


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