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Designer Masriera


Masriera speaks to the delicate nature of beauty.  A synonym for quality and art in fine jewelry, Masriera represents the rich universe of the Art Nouveau period and Modernism in its exquisite, handmade creations.

For the past 200 years, Masriera has been a prominent name in the world of fine jewelry.  The artist, Lluis Masriera, created designs filled with fantasy and motifs from nature that formed part of the Art Nouveau movement.  Founded and still operating in Barcelona, Spain, the House of Masriera is recognized worldwide for its work in enamel, characterized by its great luminosity, color and relief.  The original molds created in steel are still used today, by master craftsmen who painstakingly create each piece in a multi-step process requiring repeated layering and firing of enamel in intense heat.

The most recognizable symbol is the female figure, always portrayed in an ethereal manner.  Flowers, petals, insects, birds, frogs, dragons and other natural themes are other frequent references. Their look is immediately identifiable as Masriera. Each piece is individually numbered and has its own certificate of guaranty.  Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers is the exclusive purveyor of Masriera fine jewelry in St. Louis.

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